Holiday spirit: Give a little extra this Christmas and support Yoga Gives Back

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Holiday spirit: Give a little extra this Christmas and support Yoga Gives Back

‘Yoga unites us’ – Yoga Gives Back

The holidays are just around the corner. The time of year when we consciously think more of others and reflect on the past year. That is exactly what is so beautiful about Christmas, New Year’s Eve and everything in between. We put up the Christmas tree and decorate our homes with Christmas lights. We’re making sure we feel warm and cosy. And don’t forget the Christmas presents for our loved ones or ourselves! We want to feel connected to each other and show gratitude to everything around us.

This is exactly what yoga is all about. As a yogi, you may already know that yoga (Yuga in Sanskrit) stands for unification, union, and connection. Every time we step onto the yoga mat, we choose love. For ourselves and everything and everyone around us. Yoga gives us so much that we want to give back, especially during Christmas. That is why – like last year – we will support the charity Yoga Gives Back!

What does this organization stand for?

The founder, Kayoko Mitsumatsu, started Yoga Gives Back after she started with yoga and discovered the yogi lifestyle. She set up different programs in India – the birth country of yoga – to improve living conditions for women and children. To give back to yoga, but most of all to give back to people who need support. Click here to read more about their story.

How do we donate?

Between December 19th and December 26th we donate 10% of our total profit to Yoga Gives Back! And that goes for every order. The donation goes to several ‘Programs of Empowerment’ for example. These programs help young women to build a better life for themselves. Additionally, we have a gift for you: with code MERRYXMAS you will receive a free mala with your order. You will need to add the mala to your cart yourself before adding the code!

So, are you looking for comfy or a nice new yoga set to give or receive during the holidays? Make sure to get your holiday gifts from Urban Goddess and help us raise money for Yoga Gives Back. Check out all our yoga wear or take a look at our Gift guide for inspiration for Christmas gifts!

Do you want to support the charity yourself? Sign up as a sponsor or volunteer here and join many other yogis supporting this good cause!

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