Natural detergents for your skin and yoga wear

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Good care: use natural detergens for your skin and yoga wear

You just got your hands on a new yoga outfit at Urban Goddess: of course you want to keep it as beautiful for as long as possible. It’s important for this to use natural detergents for both your skin and yoga wear! What do you actually know about the detergents you use? Have you ever looked at the ingredient list? You wear clothes on your skin all day and laundry wash & detergent will stay on the fabric, so it can not only affect your clothes but also your skin.



It may be that you have an unexplained irritation or sometimes suffer from eczema. This is something that can happen through a laundry wash, have you ever thought about that? 

The most common irritation manifests itself in inexplicable red, itchy rashes that appear almost immediately after your skin comes into contact with the fabric. It can also manifest as contact dermatitis, this will give you about the same symptoms but it can take a long time before it manifests itself. In this case, a reaction occurs only after the skin has been in contact with the fabric several times. 


What ingredients can ensure this? 

Perfume: A well-known and especially popular ingredient in your laundry wash & detergent is perfume. What many people don’t know, is that they are allergic to synthetic perfumes in all kinds of products, from detergent to skin care. 

Optical whitening agents: This makes your laundry extra white. Research shows that this substance is possibly an irritant for us. In any case, it is toxic to fish, so we prefer to avoid it. Standard laundry detergent also contains quaternary ammonium compounds. This does not sound great to begin with, and it can also be a trigger for people with dermatitis. 

Naturally derived enzymes: For very sensitive skins, even this natural ingredient can possibly irritate the skin. They are proteins that are used in detergent to remove stains & sweat. The ladies of Nourished know all about this, so do you suffer from unexplained skin irritation? Then you can always do a deep dive with them.


Are natural detergents better for your skin and yoga wear? 

Of course! Any problem has a solution. Fortunately, there are laundry washes available without junk and there are also sustainable alternatives to detergents.

  • The Australian brand Bondi Wash has a selection of natural cleaning products and laundry detergents. Formulated for the most sensitive skin, perfect for maintaining your delicate yoga clothes and the fragrances are fantastic. Australian Natives are used including Blue Cypress, Sydney Peppermint & Tasmanian Pepper. Doing laundry has never been so much fun! 
  • Superbee comes with a fantastic alternative, named the Hexawash. This is a fabric bag filled with magnesium granules, when these come into contact with water there is a reaction that causes dirt to dissolve and your clothes will come out of the washing machine clean. The Hexawash can be used for 365 washes. 
  • Do you already know the phenomenon of tumble dryer balls? Tumble dryer balls ensure that the drying time of your clothes decreases by 30%. Tumble dryer balls last up to 1000 drying sessions, better for your clothes and for your energy bill! 


So there are alternatives and that is always nice to know. Looking for more tips to keep your Urban Goddess yoga clothing pretty for a long time?

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